Missed in History: Sarah Emma Edmonds

BY Tracy V. Wilson / POSTED April 29, 2013
Hammerbrook - City can this really be true?
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Sarah Emma Edmonds, aka Franklin Flint Thompson Sarah Emma Edmonds, aka Franklin Flint Thompson

Since Holly and I started working on this podcast, we’ve gotten more than 200 suggestions for episodes. It’s a little nuts, and considering that we only publish two episodes a week, it seems impossible to touch on even a fraction of those. But when someone asked whether we were going to do any more Civil War episodes for its 150th anniversary, I thought, “Surely there has to be something the podcast hasn’t covered already.”

Indeed there is. And for this one, it’s one of my favorite things: A lady dressing as a man to go off to war. Sarah Emma Edmonds, Canadian citizen, fought for the Union undetected for almost two years.

Our listener mail is from Facebook. It’s from Sheena, who wrote about our cheese episode. We clarify a little cheese history. And talk about Holland vs. the Netherlands.

A Nation Divided: The Civil War Quiz

Episode link: Sarah Emma Edmonds, Civil War Spy

Here’s my research on this one.

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