Missed in History: Irish Potato Famine, Part 2

BY Tracy V. Wilson / POSTED June 19, 2013
Hammerbrook - City can this really be true?
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famine memorial One of many Great Hunger memorials. (Hemera/ThinkStock)

In our previous episode, we set up the historical and agricultural context for the Irish potato famine, known also as the Great Hunger. In this one, we walk through the ramifications of the government’s laissez-faire response to the blight, meaning that it basically did nothing. If you’re thinking, “Doing nothing seems like a pretty ineffective strategy for stopping a famine,” you are right.

Our listener mail is another Hindenburg letter, this one from Vivian.

For further reading: How Famine Works

A link to the episode: The Irish Potato Famine: An Unnatural Disaster, Pt. 2

My research on this one:

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